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Brigadeiro Gourmet UK brings a taste of Brazilian deliciousness to Britain.

Where it all began.

Katia fondly recalls her early years spent cooking alongside her mother in the kitchen.

As a baker, Katia’s mother extended her generosity to the community; whether by welcoming those in need into their home or by delivering treats to the Favelas; her mother's acts of kindness left a lasting impression. Inspired by her mother’s ethos of 'love shared' through food, Katia, now a baker herself, carries on this tradition with passion and dedication.

Katia inherits her mother’s passion and love for baking, aspiring to introduce the people of Britain to indulge in the decadent and nostalgic flavours of Brazilian Briga- deiros. This timeless classic, cherished for its ability to bring joy to every occasion, embodies Katia’s dream of sharing a taste of Brazil with the world.

After relocating from Brazil with her British husband, Katia infused her entrepreneur- ial spirit into establishing creative businesses in the UK. Utilizing her extensive exper- tise in the creative, hospitality, fashion, and printing industries, Katia sort to bring her heritage home and founded “Brigadeiro Gourmet UK”.

Bringing Brazil
to Britain.

“Brigadeiro Gourmet UK” brings a taste of Brazilian deliciousness to British culture. By enhancing the product with the finest ingredients, exquisite packaging, and personalized messages, as well as infusing the vibrant heritage of Brazil into the experience, Katia has brought awareness to this beloved Brazilian truffle.

Establishing "Brigadeiro Gourmet UK" in December 2019, what began as a passion project, quickly evolved into an exciting business venture. Recognized as a staple at celebrations and gatherings in Brazil, adored by individuals of all ages, Katia cultivated that same affection "bringing her heritage home” here to the UK.


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