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"The secret ingredients are love and fun.

Irresistible. It may seem cliché, but this is the word that best describes the many delicacies of Brigadeiro Gourmet UK. It's a project developed by Kátia Hickmann to spread joy in the form of brigadeiro. She successfully introduced them to many European countries such as England, Scotland, Portugal and the Netherlands.
Savour the true Brazilian brigadeiro, made with the finest ingredients to bring you an authentic gourmet experience.

New in at BGUK

We are pleased to introduce Brigadeiro Mini Cups, with your favourite brigadeiro in a decorated shot glass and Caramelised Brigadeiros filled with banana or apple brigadeiro.

Discover these and other releases of cakes and brigadeiros that we have created especially for you!

Bespoke Cakes

Our cakes are made with the finest quality ingredients to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

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Happily Paired

Happily Paired, also known as Happily Married or Bem-Casados (in Portuguese), are traditional Brazilian treats served at weddings, bridal and baby showers, or other special occasions.

In English, the name means ‘well-married’, and according to the legend, this wed- ding treat represents the couple’s union & commitment as well as the promise of a life full of luck and happiness.

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Let us help create the cake of your dreams, an assortment of your favourite happily paired, brigadeiros & more, whether for a wedding, birthday party or any other occasion! We would love to be a part of your special day!

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